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GSH-1 is designed for heating of narrow body aircrafts. It utilizes Hatz diesel engine and GTS alternator. The heater is equipped with a powerful centrifugal blower, heating unit, generator and fuel tank and in addition it can also be operated straight from the electric power network.

GSH-1 has received special thanks from operators for its very simple and reliable breaking system. When the tow bar is lifted to an upright position the breaks lock the front wheels preventing the unit from moving anywhere while the heater is on and the air outlet hose is attached to the aircraft.

We can also design the products to meet various customers’ specifications. GSH-1 can
e.g be delivered without wheels allowing mounting the heater on a truck, see picture.

Another version, called Polar GSH-2 does not include the Hatz engine/generator and the
electricity to run the fan and fuel burner is taken from an external power supply.

Below you’ll see a photo of GSH-2 in Billund airport, Denmark. 


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