Männistön Puutarha – 50% savings on fuel consumption

Männistön Puutarha is a horticultural company in Loppi, Finland. Their gardens, established in the early 1970s, have specialized in perennial summer flowers from the beginning of the company.

“In 2008 we were contacted by Männistön Puutarha regarding replacing their old movable diesel fired heaters used in seasonal greenhouses” explains Vera Strömsholm from Talhu Oy, a reseller of Polartherm. “Eventually they decided to purchase eight pcs of 120 kW mobile diesel fired heaters manufactured by Polartherm. These heaters are used in greenhouses of 400 m2 to 560 m2 in size to maintain a ground temperature of +7°C. Thanks to the high efficiency ratio of the Polartherm heaters, Männistön Puutarha was able to reduce the diesel fuel consumption by 50% in comparison to their old heaters”.

Other advantages of Polartherm heaters that the customer listed according to Vera, include the long air throw length such that heated air is blown all across the greenhouses, allowing for fast temperature rise with even temperatures throughout, and superb durability of the burner chamber and heat exchanger assembly: “In the old heaters Männistön Puutarha was forced to replace the burner chamber every five years. Nowadays they would not consider purchasing any other heater than the Polartherm brand.”



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