Location: McMurdo Research Station, Antarctica Ambient temperature: -57°C°

Story of two water bottles

The United States National Science Foundation (NSF) has a large Antarctic research station at McMurdo on the Antarctic. The McMurdo Ground Support Group approached us in 2007 asking if our NGH’s could be used on the Pole itself also.  The big question was the Altitude: the South Pole elevation is 3 km (10,000 feet). It was not certain if the heater and the included Diesel engine would work in the thin air at this elevation.

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About us:

Field heating solutions from design to the finished product.

Polartherm is the leading military air heating equipment manufacturer in Northern Europe. We have over 40 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of air heaters.

Nowadays we also have an excellent past performance record of multiple military projects and have delivered more than 10.000 field heaters to various defence forces.

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Jorma Länsiniemi

Foreman, small heater division

Meet the minds of Polartherm:

For a small organization our workforce is the essential resource

Our employees play a significant role in the continuous process of improving our operation and product quality. Many development projects for production process improvement and operating methods as well as safety and the general well-being in the workplace were begun at the initiative of our employees.

We are proud to say that our workforce is fully committed and most employees have a long career history with Polartherm.

Here are a few of our employees. Click on the photograph for a short story about each person.


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