Polartherm Oy introduces the OptiWat and AQU 55 products in collaboration with Kopadi Oy


New products address the challenges of temporary water-circulating

heating systems, often facing disparities between heating power and actual heating needs. The OptiWat controller, developed to manage these issues,

operates through a room thermostat to adjust the flow of water via a magnetic valve. This enhancement allows for the customization of heat delivery to specific space requirements, reducing energy consumption and improving workplace conditions.

The controller also enhances the efficiency of existing heating units at lower temperatures, reducing the need for premature equipment replacement. To protect the innovation of OptiWat technology, Polartherm Oy has filed a patent application.

AQU 55

Polartherm Oy announces the launch of the new AQU 55 terminal unit, designed to meet the modern requirements of both water-circulating heating and remote cooling. This analog device, developed in conjunction with the OptiWat system, represents a new era in heating and cooling technology.

The AQU 55 is equipped with components necessary for both heating and cooling, including a specially designed condensate collection tray for remote cooling systems that utilizes gravity drainage. Its unique design features a mount-based adjustable air outlet, allowing for directional control of airflow, which supports versatile use in various environments.

Notably, the unit boasts a high air delivery capacity of up to 6000 m³/h and supports multiple air filtration options from G4 coarse filters to HEPA H13 filters, certified to remove carcinogenic dust such as quartz according to EN:1822-2009.

Designed for easy maintenance, the AQU 55 also features large wheels and forklift pockets for mobility and ease of installation. This high-voltage unit includes a practical storage compartment for tools and accessories.

The AQU 55 embodies Polartherm Oy’s commitment to advanced and energy-efficient heating and cooling technologies, bringing versatility and optimization to the construction sector.

Both products, OptiWat and AQU 55, will be available in 2024, and further information can be obtained from Sales Manager Miro Leppäkoski (leppakoski@polartherm.fi, +358 44 513 0391) and Product Development Manager Kai Kankaanpää (kankaanpaa@polartherm.fi, +358 40 702 0375)


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