Rentquip Canada – heaters to the Canadian rental industry

Rentquip Canada is a national distributor of light to medium sized construction equipment to the Canadian rental industry and provides clients with a complete selection of rental items.

“As a North American distributor of Polartherm heaters, we are extremely pleased with the relationships built with the team at Polartherm over the last number of years. Our relationship is viewed as partnership and is backed with unprecedented loyalty and honesty.

Polartherm’s products are regarded as the best money can buy in our sector, and have an outstanding track record and reputation. In today’s competitive global market, high-quality European equipment is of very high value, and Polartherm sets the bar high.

Polartherm is a flexible company that has the ability to adapt and react to changing environments effectively, without compromising important aspects of their brand. Dealing with the company has been a very positive experience for our organization and we look forward to being part of the bright future Polartherm has ahead of it.”

Bryan Parks, Operations Manager at Rentquip Canada


Whether it’s chilly, cold, freezing or even worse, we’ll find a heating solution for you. Drop us a line, describe your situation and we’ll get back to you ASAP!