Tecwill – Heat for concrete mixing plants

Tecwill Oy was founded in 1994 and is a leading manufacturer of concrete mixing plants, offering reliable and modern solutions for concrete production to their customers. Tecwill uses Polartherm’s PWW water-to-air heaters for heating in their concrete mixing plants.

“In 2008 we decided to change our water-to-air heaters to Polartherm’s PWW heaters and we have never regretted this decision. The water coils of the old heaters did not withstand the impurities in the water – especially in mines. In contrast, the Polartherm PWW heaters have proven unusually durable and we have no longer received similar complaints from our customers. PWW heaters are compact in size and thus suitable for confined areas. Installation of the heaters is simple and fast using the standard wall brackets included, and the controller ensures constant temperature”, says Ms. Marika Koukku from Tecwill Oy.


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