Reason for celebration!

Reason for celebration

Production personnel left for well deserved summer vacation on Midsummer and return to work in late July.
This year, the company had cause for celebration because several employees had been working at Polartherm an even amount of years.
In the picture from left:

Olli Sookari, 30 years at Polartherm

Pirjo Nevo, 30 years at Polartherm

Arja Hakanpää, 30 years at Polartherm and due to retire in September 2015

Tapani Kivini, to retire after almost 37 years at Polartherm

Jyrki Salomäki, 20 years at Polartherm

Sakari Virtanen, 30 years at Polartherm

Congratulations and many thanks once again to all and good luck and success for the coming years!


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