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High-class material

Only high-class materials and components such as Oilon (Oilon Oy) burners are used to ensure high quality and mimimum maintenance.


With the wide range of accessories Polar E series heaters can be adapted to numerous applications. The heaters can also be used as source for incoming air as a part of incoming air can be directed past the heat exchanger and directly to the heated space.


Polar E series heaters have all been EU approved according to applicable directives and standards by testing and approval authorities in the EU. 

Easy to install

Polar E heaters are delivered assembled and ready to be installed. Electronic controls can be modified to match specific needs. 

High Efficiency

The fuel efficiency of Polar E series is over 90%. Ambient air is drawn in through the openings in the lower part of the heater and then forced through the burner chamber – heat exchanger unit. Heated air is then distributed throughout the building either directly or via ducts. 

Polar E in paintshops

Polar E series heaters are also used in paintshops to accelerate drying of paint. One of the accessories of Polar E series is automatics for paintshops especially designed for the painting process.


Whether it’s chilly, cold, freezing or even worse, we’ll find a heating solution for you. Drop us a line, describe your situation and we’ll get back to you ASAP!