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Polar VRS -series

Air heating with Polar VRS series heaters is an easy way to comfortable and versatile heating. With a large selection of accessories, Polar VRS heaters can be adapted to numerous applications.

Directions of both incoming and discharge air can be varied, ducting can be used, controlled fresh air mixing can be used etc.

The fuel efficiency of Polar E series is higher than 90%. Efficient radial blowers assure air circulation that will equalize the temperature inside the heated space very fast. The equipment can also be used for ventilation purposes during summer.

If heating is not required, VRS series heaters can be switched off with no damage to the equipment. There are no freezing materials or components sensitive to low temperatures in the heater.

The output capacity of Polar VRS series heaters ranges from 25 to 500 kilowatts.

Over 13.000 Polar E and VRS series units are currently in use. Today’s design is the result of continuous product development based on long experience and customer feedback.

Note! Polar VRS series heaters are designed to use primarily biomass fuels as heat source. Other fuels (diesel) can be used as well.



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