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Polar Heatmobil HTL 250

Polar Heatmobil is a mobile diesel fired heater for temporary or long term heating of construction sites, warehouses, industrial buildings, party tents etc. Heating capacity of 195 kW and a large amount of air movement ensure that the unit is sufficient for spaces even over 7000 m³.

High quality, low noise radial fan enables long air ducting. This unit is specified for max. 450 Pa static pressure. Fuel consumption is max. 21 litres per hour. External room thermostat optimizes the temperature and fuel consumption.

Standard delivery of heater unit usually includes

  • The heater with 195 kW heat power
  • 2000 litre IBC fuel tankcertified for transporting liquids
  • 7,6 m long air outlet duct with 550 mm diameter
  • Room thermostat with 10 m cable
  • Smoke flue

An air outlet adapter dividing the Ø 550 mm air outlet into 3 pcs of Ø 300 mm outlets is offered as extra accessory.


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