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Remko Elkomat fan heater series is built for heavy-duty use and are almost a must in construction sites around Europe. Elkomat  series has good acclaim for quality and reliability on construction sites and rental use. Heaters have all steel housings painted with wear-resistant powder coating. Heating elements are sealed in tubes made of stainless steel.

Elkomat heaters are excellent for heating and drying. Fan only mode allows use for ventilation without heating. The tube-formed inner shield together with the efficient fan blade design result in a “Cannon-effect” where heated air is forced to flow far and into every corner of the space being heated.

Elkomat heaters range from 2.2 to 40.0 kilowatts max output. Aside from room thermostat for temperature adjustment, the heaters are equipped with overheat limit switches and aftercooler thermostat for safe operation. The heaters are splash-proof (IP 34).


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