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The STR-600 Impact Dryer is the most effective and economic device designed for drying out wet structures quickly, energy efficiently and with low noise level

The STR-600 is first placed on the damaged area after the surface materials are removed and the base concrete is visible. An air outlet hose is then connected onto the Ø 50 mm humid air outlet of the unit. In most cases, it is recommended to duct the humid air outside via the air outlet hose. If an air dehumidifier is used in the same space with the STR-600, ducting the air out may not be necessary. The unit’s power cable is then connected to a power outlet and the device is switched “On”.

Now, the air fan and heating elements start working. Ambient air (1.) is drawn in through the air intake filter.

Inside the unit, air flows past the heating elements.  Air temperature increases and relative humidity goes down. This dramatically increases the capability to reduce moisture on the concrete surface.

Simultaneously, the heating elements radiate heat downwards to the damaged surface, causing vaporization. Heated air is directed through the air distribution channels on each side of the bottom plate. The air blower in the middle of the bottom plate sucks the heated air effectively towards itself. On its way from each four sides to the middle, warm air sweeps the damp structure and the vaporized moisture is absorbed into the air. The continuous air circulating-drying effect starts to dry out the structure immediately and very effectively.

The humid air (4.) is then guided to the air outlet. A Ø 50 to 55 mm air hose can be connected onto the outlet if needed.

For further information go to www.strong.fi.


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