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Air outlet hoses

We can also provide the air outlet hoses designed especially for aircraft heaters. The hoses are made of material that is very resistant to heat and air pressure. The hoses have a high strength outer layer and welded construction.

The length of the hoses is 7600 mm with a diameter of 305 mm. One can also have several hoses attached one after another enabling longer ducting if needed.

The colour of the hoses is yellow and we have both insulated and un-insulated hoses available.

Airplane adapter

The airplane adapter is suitable for both Ø 305 mm and 203 mm hoses as it can be “cut” from the middle. The new adapter also features a sturdy cover for the attachment mechanism.

Air distribution adapter

The air distribution adapter is designed for 1 pc of Ø 305 mm hose and 2 pcs of Ø 203 mm hoses. The original purpose of the distribution adapter is heating up the engines and interior of ATR aircrafts.

We also have the engine adapters for the engines on ATR aircrafts available.

Click the image to see the adapter “in action”


Whether it’s chilly, cold, freezing or even worse, we’ll find a heating solution for you. Drop us a line, describe your situation and we’ll get back to you ASAP!