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POLAR WHT 60 and 105

Polar WHT 60 and 105 are our new generation of water heaters. The design of the heaters has been based on up-to-date technical requirements from both the customer and the energy companies. Therefore, Polar WHT 60 and 105 heaters present a whole new level of performance of water-to-air heaters.

The user features are focused on user-friendliness and  enabling several different options of installation, operation and air distribution. The fan – water coil assembly of the heater can be turned into several positions. In this way, air can be conducted either through the air distributor to all corners of the space and in the case of horizontal installation, air can be ducted into different rooms if needed.

WHT 60 and 105 heaters also have sturdy lifting hooks that allow the device to be hung on the ceiling if necessary. Hanging is also possible in both horizontal and vertical installation.

For moving, the heaters have a sturdy push handle which also protects the water connections from collisions. For transportation, the Polar WHT 60 and 105 heaters have forklift pockets. For transport and storage, the air distributor cloth can be tightly sealed to the air outlet.


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