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REMKO ETF 320 and ASF 100

These smaller size dehumidifiers REMKO ETF 320 and ASF 100 are both designed mainly for domestic use e.g. for drying of server and archive rooms, cellars, bathrooms, pool rooms etc. Both models also have a plastic cover so they are not designed for construction site use.

REMKO ETF works according to the condensation principle and, same as in AMT series, has a fan built into the device to conduct the moist room air through an evaporator that cools it before the dew point. In this way the excess water steam is exuded as condensate and can be conducted into a water tank. The dehumidified air is blown out again when it is above room temperature.

Thanks to an up to date technology it is possible to develop a powerful appliance also without a compressor and refrigerant. Especially in a temperature range below 20°C the REMKO ASF 100 is very effective. Based on its compact design and very low weight the dehumidifier is easy to carry and ready for an immediate use. Finally the high quality standard will be underlined by a good instrumentation and modern optic.

The built-in ionic-generator and air filter produce a better air quality in your environment. Additionally the unit can run in silent mode.


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